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In my 15+ years of professional software development experience, I've basically done it all. Take a look at what I can offer, and lets get to work on your project.

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Staff Augmentation

Finding a developer is harder than ever. Finding a really good developer is next to impossible. I am a senior-level developer, architect and Microsoft C# MVP with a history of shipping working code and meeting deadlines.

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Web Development

It's not enough to just be on the web anymore - you need to stand out from your competition. This means being mobile-friendly, using responsive web design and reaching your customers where they are on the internet. Barney Consulting can help.

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Mobile Development

Mobile device use is at an all-time high, and it's not slowing down. And what do smartphone users want on their phones? Apps. How do you target all smartphone users without a maintenance nightmare? Cross-platform development.

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Windows Development

While in most cases it is advisable to approach new development in a web-centric way, there are always exceptions, especially when dealing with legacy applications. I have significant experience with windows application development.

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Cloud Development

Deciding to be on the web is a no-brainer. But where do you host your web application? Are you ready to scale your application to meet demand? Take your web presence to the cloud! Barney Consulting can help you move to Windows Azure.

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We all have that next great idea - the one that wil make us millions. So why do 90% of tech startups fail? To be successful, you need working software and a good marketing strategy (among other things). I've got the software handled. Let's talk.

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It's hard to keep up with the latest technologies. Things change so quickly. How can you or your employees keep up? Your best developers love learning new things, so why not keep them happy by providing some paid training for them?

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Server / Back-End

At the heart of any good, scalable solution are well-architected, solid back-end and middleware services. Most developers aren't thrilled about working on this code - it's not sexy. But this is the lifeblood of your application. Get it done right.

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And More...

My depth of experience and understanding of fundamental programming and logic constructs puts me in a position to do just about anything. Don't see what you're looking for on this page? Contact me anyway and we can discuss your needs.

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